Found your perfect venue? Got a unique, creative and flexible food menu and the right team to handle every task with outstanding service?

But it’s still not perfect, ask us why!.

No event is considered perfect without sweets and complete without desserts.

Our dedicated team of experienced chefs at Sweet inspirations will make the guests feel candied with our just the perfect sweets.

We know how to have fun with food, from the hob to the job, and we want to bring the perfect joy to you with our Lebanese sweets and patisseries.

We serve for every event and occasion. From business lunches to client entertainments, from sprightly Christmas parties to agile engagements, anniversary celebrations, and wedding parties.

The sweetness that Your guests will talk about, albeit with their mouths full. Adding a dash of creativity to fresh ingredients, we compose personified menus to match your event perfectly.

We assure you that no event is too big or complicated for our experienced chef team. We make your event a memorable and edible experience through a bespoke event service. Artisan and locally sourced ingredients set our kitchen and event team apart

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