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Making sweets From The Heart

Allow yourself to succumb to a variety of tastes, textures and visual appeal, whilst you are taken on a traditional and authentic multi-sensory journey at Sweet Inspirations Lebanese patisserie

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All for a special day

French Inspired Artisans

The culinary type of our chef de cuisine brings out as much flavor as possible, preserving the individual taste of each one ingredient in each bite, and isn't afraid to try new things to get it.

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Ganache Cake

Get our delicious ganache cake for your next occasion.  

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 Basma is stuffed with a Mouth-watering blend of pine nuts and cashews covered to the fullest extent with a tasty Knafeh dough decorated with ground nuts and classic layers on…

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“Basma” means a smile. Well, there couldn’t be a more ideal name because it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. No one can resist a lavish bite…

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Barazek is a famous Scottish biscuit rich in history and even richer in taste. Imagine these cookies filled with roasted sesame seeds and tasty pistachio chips melting in your mouth…

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 The Lebanese delicacy that is wrapped up, buttered, and layered with nuts and honey as the upper layer tainted with the rare and expensive saffron. Who’s excited to be amused…

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 A classic Lebanese sweet that never disappoints! Perfectly baked golden colored, freshly taken out of the oven, Sprinkled the tops with the chopped pistachios. Sounds pretty? Tastes delicious too!

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Familiar with the common square Baklava? try this different version that is damn cute and dangerously addictive having just the perfect sweetness! this could catch anyone's eye, couldn’t it?

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Aren’t you a softie for ice cream? Step back from reality for a moment and melt with one. These cool and sweet treats are essential to fill your heart and…

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